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I just want to thank all those that have supportng me and have been supporting You are greatly appreciated. 


“God bring you into the deep, not to drown you but to cleanse you.”


Did You Support?

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I’m asking all family and loved ones in support of Darren’s release to continually send your “Letter of Support”. We will show the parole board that Darren is supported. And that he will have continuous support after being released. This is very important  and will show Darren that you are sticking by him.


Here is a SAMPLE letter. Please make it your own but feel free to use this and personalize it.


In Support of Darren Williams
CDC# D62700
Dear Honorable Member of the Parole Board

My name is —–, and I am writing on behalf of my ——, Darren Williams inmate number #D62700. I would like to ask that you grant parole to Darren Williams. when he appears before you.

       I understand that my —— made terrible mistakes that negatively effected the lives of many people and as a result he had done 30+ years in prison. He takes full responsibilty for the actions that led him to being incarcerated and shows remorse. I pray every night for anyone he may have hurt or caused harm to.
        I believe that Darren is great person and a changed man. Its hard to prove that you deserve a second chance when you’re not given the oppurtunity. Darren deserves that second chance. He is very sorry for what he has done. He just wants the opportunity to prove that he will do his community right with his second chance.
      Since being in prison, Darren have participated and took advantage of many programs that were offered to help him become a better man and live a positive life after his release. If he is granted parole his family is prepared to give him all the support he needs to ensure that he does not return to an unhealthy or negative lifestyle
      In support of his release I am asking that parole be granted to Darren  I will help him obtain stable employment. I will help get him to and from work. Help him get clothes for interviews. I will help him get insurance to keep his good health. I take this as a serious responsibility. I believe without a doubt that given the oppurtunity of parole, Darren will come home and make us all pround. Thank you for your time and attention.
Board of Parole Hearings P.O.Box 4036  Sacramento,Ca. 95814.

Support Darren Today!!

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As we approach this last mile, here’s the part where everyone in support of my release can participate.

I just went before the Parole Board in March 2016 and was informed that I need more “letters of support”. So I’m asking all that can and have time to take that time and support my Freedom. Please send all letters to Board of Parole Hearings P.O. Box 4036 Sacremento, CA 95812. I need them as soon as possible loved ones. has become a movement.Don’t miss out on your opportunity to support Darren. Purchase your shirt today $25each.

Support The Movement “”

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I  have made it to the last few miles of this journey. The last leg of my fight for freedom. “” has become a movement. You don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to support Darren.

$25.00 Donations will receive T-Shirts. Please let us know what size T-Shirt you desire.

Thank you! 

Local & Out of State Shipping Rates May Apply

For more designs please email FREE.DARREN@YAHOO.COM

Contact us @ 323/975/6009


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Board of Parole Hearings P.O.Box 4036  Sacramento,Ca. 95814.


I go before the parole board, March 24,2015. I need family and friends support as I reach this last mile.


As I continue this journey, Im asking for your help.

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As I continue this journey, I’m asking for your help loved ones. I have new T-shirt designs and im Looking for some dedicated followers to Rep FreeDarren. Whats your size? BLACK or WHITE?  SHIRTS ARE $25 EACH, EMAIL MY TEAM at I am fighting for freedom! Any donation you make $1 $5 $10 will be greatly appreciated and will go towards my legal funds. Thank You   -FREEDARREN.COM


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My Birthday Surprise!
My Birthday Surprise!

After 24 years, I got the chance to meet my beautiful daughter for the first time. Oh man I cant explain the feeling. I cant wait to meet my grandsons. This really got me thinking about my family. Nothing is worth not being able to watch your Child grow up. She has grown to be a beautiful woman, I would give anything to get that back. I will FIGHT until my last breath to get out and spend my last days with my daughter. I LOVE YOU KISHA!!